Available SPOL R-band (Kron-Cousins) Photometry

Summary data tables for differential R-band photometry (using the Kron-Cousins bandpass; effective wavelength of around 6400 Ångstroms) can be found from this page. Of course, all V-band photometry obtained since the launch of Fermi until the end of Cycle 10 is also currently available.

Please see the README for an explanation of the R-band data presented (also see arXiv:0912.3621).

Synthetic broad-band photometry in B and I is more problematic as the spectra only partially cover these filter bandpasses. Please contact the PI as to the availability of the raw spectra (both sky subtracted and not) that can be used to construct differential light curves for any filter bandpass falling within the spectral region sampled by SPOL (4000-7550 Å).

R-band differential photometry sorted by object:

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