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Call for Observing Proposals for 2007C

    This is the call for proposals for the 3rd trimester of the year at UAO. Due date is noon Tucson time on Wednesday July 11, 2007. Submit TWELVE (12) paper copies (no electronic submissions).

    This call is for MMT, 90", 61", 60", and VATT for Sept 1 to Dec 31. It is for short-term proposals only, no long term accepted (we only do long term in "November" when we ask for 2008A; obviously if you already have 2007 long-term, it's still applicable).

    Magellan is not being called for at this time EXCEPT for the 2 bright nights of Nov27 and Nov 28 on Clay with either Mike (NOT Mike fibers) or LDSS3.

    I have not yet found out if there are instrument restrictions, but when I do they will be posted at

    Non-Steward folks: please circulate this call.
    Non-Steward folks: mailing address is
                       Proposals/Director's office
                       Steward Observatory
                       933 N Cherry
                       Univ of Arizona
                       Tucson AZ 85721
                       tel 520-621-6524

    ed olszewski