Weather Report for November 22, 2017

More cirrus clouds greeted the start of the final night of Campaign 102 at the Kuiper Telescope. Spectropolarimertry was obtained through generally thin cirrus for the first six hours of the night. The sky finally cleared by about 0100 local time and then photometry was added to the measurements. The loss of cirrus cloud cover coincided with an abrupt degradation of the seeing. Before midnight, the seeing was about 1.5 arcsec. In the clear skies that followed, the seeing was 2-3 arcsec. Some very light cirrus clouds were evident during the final hour of the night. Over 20 polarization measurements of blazars were gathered and nearly 170 for Campaign 102 as a whole. This is a remarkable total given the sloppy nature of the weather pattern.

Campaign 103 will begin on Mt. Bigelow in a short two weeks. Happy Thanksgiving to all blazar watchers.