Weather Report for September 27, 2016

This was an interesting night to finish the campaign at the Bok Telescope. Skies stayed mostly clear for nearly the first three hours of the night with the wind still out of the east at 30-40mph, humidity just below the limit for operations, and lighting south of the US-Mexico border. Clouds forced a dome closure at just past 2200 local time. After a two-hour wait, a very brief sucker hole was used to observe a blazar and then clouds forced another wait of a half hour. At just past 0100, observations could be obtained for another two hours before clouds ended the night at about 0300. Less than an hour after that, it was raining very hard on Kitt Peak. The seeing ranged from about 1.2 to 2.5 arcsec, in keeping with the turbulent weather. More than a dozen blazars were observed through the breaks in the extensive storm system that stretches from Texas to California and far into Mexico.

The next campaign (number 88) will be at the Kuiper Telescope in late October.