Weather Report for May 8, 2016

This was a very complicated night, but somehow little time was lost to clouds. Clouds were in the area all night long, but none ventured over the observatory until there were less than two hours remaining in the night. In contrast, the summit of Mt. Lemmon, which is only about five miles to the west of Mt. Bigelow, was in a cloud cap from about midnight on. In addition, the humidity stayed relatively low and peaked at 84% when the dome was been closed at the end of the night. The seeing was generally the best seen so far during this campaign. It started out at 1.2 arcsec, but was usually around 2 arcsec after midnight.

Like last night, thunderstorms popped up during the last half of the night to the northwest of the observatory. Tonight's batch were only about half of the distance away from Mt. Bigelow as yesterday's lightning activity. A lucky night, indeed.