Weather Report for July 23, 2016

It was decided to get an early start on Campaign 85 before the monsoon became more aggressive, and especially because of the poor yield of data in the previous campaign due to the monsoon's early arrival last month. So, SPOL was mounted on the Bok Telescope on Kitt Peak, AZ two days early and despite a bright lunar phase. The gamble mostly worked as there were no thunderstorms in the area to hinder getting SPOL prepared for action. The sky was partly cloudy for most of the night, but heavier clouds moved close to the observatory by 0200 local time, forcing a closure of the dome. Photometry was risky during much of the night, but spectropolarimetry was obtained for plenty of blazars. The moon and clouds prevented fainter blazars from being observed. The seeing was typically 2-2.5 arcsec.