Weather Report for December 2, 2016

A very complex night to end Campaign 89. The first 3 hours of the night were surprisingly clear and very productive. This part of the night included multiple observations of the amazing CTA102 as have previous nights throughout this campaign. Then, clouds moved in/formed over all of southeast Arizona and it was overcast for the next five hours. Breaks in the clouds allowed some more blazars to be observed after about 0300 local time. The sky continued to improve as it got closer to dawn. In fact, even photometry could be obtained during the last hour of the night. The seeing was generally good to moderate during the two sections of the night that could be used (1.3-1.7 arcsec).

Campaign 90 will be back at the Kuiper Telescope and it will be a massive affair. Eleven consecutive nights will span the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Happy Holidays to all.