Weather Report for October 19, 2015

After a short intermission in the observing campaign last night, SPOL was readied for action at the Kuiper Telescope on Mt. Bigelow. Unfortunately, all of the action took place in the atmosphere as most of Arizona is still getting hit by rain and strong thunderstorms from a low-pressure system that has been the major weather influence for the American southwest during the last two weeks. Most of the storms and rain were to the northeast of the observatory, but fog engulfed all of the higher peaks in southern Arizona. Mt. Bigelow was in a cloud cap for most of the night, with occasional drizzle. No observations could be made.

Although the weather forecast is hinting at a break in the wetness tomorrow, it is not clear that the humidity will be low enough to open the dome. Even worse, yet another storm system is expected after tomorrow. This is supposed to be a desert.