Weather Report for July 22, 2015

This night closes out Campaign 74 and the scheduled observations for Fermi Cycle 7. It was unfortunately marred by cirrus and monsoon debris clouds that moved in from the southeast just after sunset. Observations continued throughout the night and polarimetry was not often slowed. Little photometry could be obtained. The seeing was around 1.3 arcsec at the beginning of the night but slowly degraded to almost 3 arcsec by the night's end.

With a little more than half of the observations obtained compared to a completely clear campaign of the same length, a draw with the 2015 monsoon is declared. The Cycle 7 optical campaigns were the most productive of any year of this monitoring program in terms of the number of blazar observations (over 1400). The first campaign for Cycle 8 will be in September at the Kuiper Telescope on Mt. Bigelow, AZ, when it is hoped that the monsoon will be a distant memory.