Weather Report for February 12, 2015

A complex night starts campaign 69 at the Kuiper Telescope on Mt. Bigelow. The night was mostly clear and the first half saw only moderate breezes. After midnight, the wind picked up and observations could only continue because the observatory was sheltered from the ferocious east wind by the summit of Mt. Bigelow and trees just to the east of the dome. However, quick-forming small orographic clouds made photometry hit and miss for several hours. The east wind also brought very bad seeing. Most of the time the seeing was 2-5 arcsec and there were brief periods when it was even worse. With just over an hour to go in the night, there was a power outage. The emergency generator could not be started. Power was restored after only 20 minutes, but it was thought that it was best to get the telescope properly stowed and the dome closed under these volatile conditions. Over a dozen blazars were observed on this overly exciting first night of the campaign.