Weather Report for June 27, 2014

An amazing amount of thick, fast moving cirrus clouds moved through the entire state from the northwest during the late afternoon and most of the night. The sky only became mostly clear during the last two hours of the night. As a result, the dome was not opened until just after 22:00 local time and almost no useful observations were obtained until after midnight. A good number of the brighter blazars were observed, but a few of the measurements made through the cirrus may not be of great quality. Little photometry could be obtained during the night and the seeing has often rather poor (2-2.5 arcsec).

This mediocre night finishes a generally spectacular 62nd campaign. One final campaign remains for Fermi Cycle 6 and it will take place at the Bok Telescope in late July. This will be close to the middle of the monsoon season in southern Arizona, so it is expected to be quite a challenge to obtain data.