Weather Report for July 27, 2014

Observing campaign 63 wraps up with an amazing fireworks display. No observations could be made because of one of the most incredible lightning displays that the observer has ever seen took place between 2200 and 0400 local time, as storms moved slowly from Mexico through Arizona. Despite this lost night, campaign 63 handily beat the odds for nine nights in the heart of monsoon season, with just over 80 observations of blazars. For comparison, the 2013 July campaign only yielded 56 observations and in 2011 July, only 52 polarization measurements of blazars were obtained.

The Fermi Cycle 6 observing program is now concluded as the Steward Observatory telescopes shutdown for their yearly maintenance. Up next is Cycle 7, which will begin in September back at the Bok Telescope. Until then, please enjoy the remainder of the monsoon.