Weather Report for July 11, 2013

For the second day in a row, Kitt Peak was the target of intense thunderstorms. The first occurred in the middle of the afternoon and the second, unfortunately, just after midnight. There was not even a hint of a chance to do some observing tonight. So ends observing campaign 52, with the monsoon showing its complete dominance. The campaign was not an complete loss, but it is time to let this weather pattern play out for the rest of July and into August.

This night also finishes the scheduled Fermi Cycle 5 optical monitoring program. Cycle 5 ends as it began back in 2012 September, with rain and lightning. Fortunately, a fair amount of progress was made in between. The observing for Fermi Cycle 6 will start up at the Kuiper Telescope on Mt. Bigelow, AZ in early September.