Weather Report for February 10, 2013

Observing campaign 47 finishes with a surprisingly clear and partially useful night. About 3-4 inches of snow fell on Kitt Peak at the end of the previous night. The storm system that claimed most of last night moved eastward faster than expected, but the humidity remained high for the first half of the night. The real worry was loose, powdery snow on the dome since the sun had little time to work on the snow cover during the day. The observer spent about an hour and half on the dome clearing snow off of the flat sections. Since the the rest of Kitt Peak was unwilling to open domes because of the threat of snow falling on primary mirrors, it was decided to wait until the National Observatory decided that it was safe to open. At about 0100 local time the humidity started dropping quickly and some other telescopes were allowed to open. At that point, the Bok Telescope was opened to the cold, photometric sky with seeing of 1.5-2 arcsec. Spectropolarimetry and spectrophotometry were obtained for several blazars during the last 4 hours of the night.

Campaign 48 will again be conducted from the Bok Telescope in early March.