Weather Report for December 3, 2013

The last night of campaign 55 was appropriate for one of the most cirrus-ladened campaigns for the Fermi/Steward project. Conditions were relatively good for the first half of the night, with only light, scattered cirrus to contend with. No problem for spectropolarimetry, but like most other nights over the past week, little photometry could be obtained. Seeing was 1.2-1.6 arcsec. After midnight, the clouds became much worse and only a small amount of data could be secured after about 0200 local time. Despite the sloppy sky conditions during most of the campaign, a fair amount of polarimetry was successfully accomplished (over 150 measurements of blazars). However, there is precious little photometry to go along with the polarization measurements.

The last campaign for 2013 will take place at the Bok Telescope from UT December 24 - 2014 January 2. Happy Holidays!