Weather Report for March 26, 2012

This was a difficult, but still productive night. The first half saw moderate to thick cirrus covering the entire sky and breezy conditions. Only bright targets could be observed through the cloud cover. The seeing was typically worse than 2 arcsec. At a little after 2300 local time, the sky began to clear from the west and by about 0100, it was photometric. Unfortunately, the wind became much worse during this period. In fact, KPNO telescopes closed for the night, and the Bok telescope was forced to observe only those targets that kept the dome slit well away from the wind. The seeing was highly variable (between 2-4 arcsec) and some observations were affected by the wind shaking the telescope. Despite all of this excitement, over a dozen blazars were successfully observed and a majority of them were measured photometrically.