Weather Report for February 21, 2012

What appeared at first to be a very poor night to finish out observing campaign 36, turned into one of the best nights of the campaign. Moderate-to-thick cirrus covered the sky at the start, but thinned as the night wore on. Polarimetry of a few objects was slowed by the cloud cover and no photometry was attempted early in the evening. By midnight, the sky was clear and the night was highly productive. The seeing was very good in the early and middle portions of the night (1-1.5 arcsec), but degraded to around 2 arcsec by night's end.

Although weather "issues" had to be dealt with on most nights of this campaign, about a hundred successful observations of gamma-ray-bright blazars were obtained. The 2012 March campaign (number 37) will continue to be conducted at the Bok Telescope.