Statement of Data Use and Acknowledgment

The use of the data in the public archive is unrestricted. We would appreciate that the following acknowledgment be made in any publication that uses data from the Steward Observatory blazar monitoring program:

"Data from the Steward Observatory spectropolarimetric monitoring project were used. This program is supported by Fermi Guest Investigator grants NNX08AW56G, NNX09AU10G, NNX12AO93G, and NNX15AU81G."

An appropriate reference within your paper to the Steward Observatory monitoring project is: Smith, P.S., Montiel, E., Rightley, S., Turner, J., Schmidt, G.D., & Jannuzi, B.T. 2009, arXiv:0912.3621, 2009 Fermi Symposium, eConf Proceedings C091122.

In addition, please send a short email to Paul Smith (, with a reference to your work that includes data from the public archive. In this way, we can track the usefulness of the optical monitoring.

Full collaboration with researchers is welcome. Please contact the PI and/or CoIs if you desire added expertise, particularly in the analysis and interpretation of optical data, for your blazar research team. In addition, if you require more refined data products and analyzes than those available from the data archive, a collaborative effort may be very efficient. Despite a very demanding observational program, we can generally promise that our input on data analysis, interpretation, and the composition of research papers will be prompt.