Explanatory Notes for Polarization Data

Summary data tables for the spectropolarimetry and imaging polarimetry can be found from http://james.as.arizona.edu/~psmith/Fermi/DATA/data.html. The following is a description of the data columns presented. Links to the full-resolution linear polarization Stokes spectra can be found in the summary tables for individual nights or from the links to individual objects or from http://james.as.arizona.edu/~psmith/Fermi/DATA/specdata.html.

  • Column description for the polarimetry summary tables:

  • Please note that no correction for interstellar polarization has been made to these data.

  • Slit width, exposure duration, airmass and epoch of the observation can be found in the FITS headers of the Stokes spectra. The 'APERTURE' values correspond to the following slit widths for the Bok and Kuiper telescopes: 1 = 2", 2 = 3", 3 = 4.1", 4 = 5.1", 5 = 7.6", 6 = 12.7".

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