Filter List for Steward Observatory


(Click on filter to see tracing)

WFPC2 F555W     4"x4" (WFPC V) glass
WFPC2 F814W     4"x4" (WFPC I) interference
WFPC2 F606W	4"x4" (WFPC wide-V) interference loaned from Windhorst (ASU)

Harris B        5"x5" glass (Johnson)
Harris V        5"x5" glass (Johnson)
Harris R        5"x5" glass (Kron-Cousins)
Arizona I       5"x5" interference (Kron-Cousins)
		(bluer central wavelength than Kron-Cousins I,
		 but should match standard when convolved with 90" CCDs)

Nearly-Mould B	2"x2" interference
Nearly-Mould V	2"x2" interference
Nearly-Mould R	2"x2" interference
Nearly-Mould I	2"x2" interference

U 		2"x2" glass (G. Schmidt formula)

Plus LOTS of 2"x2" Corning colored glass filters