Filter List for the Mont4K CCD Imager

(Click on filter to see filter bandpass tracings)

Bessell U       4"x4" glass
Harris B        5"x5" glass
Harris V        5"x5" glass
Harris R        5"x5" glass
Arizona I       4"x4" interference (Kron-Cousins)
                (bluer central wavelength than Kron-Cousins I,
                 but should match standard when convolved with 90" CCDs)

WFPC2 F555W     4"x4" (WFPC V) glass
WFPC2 F814W     4"x4" (WFPC I) interference
Schott 8612     4"x4" interference
                (note that there is slight vignetting noticable in the
                 corners of the CCD image frame when 4"x4" filters are used)

Smaller filters can be inserted into the filter wheel, but the field will
be greatly vignetted.

WFPC2 F555W     3"x3" (WFPC V) glass
WFPC2 F814W     3"x3" (WFPC I) interference

Harris B        3"x3" glass
Harris V        3"x3" glass
Harris R        3"x3" glass
Arizona I       3"x3" interference

Plus LPL filters

Nearly-Mould B	2"x2" interference
Nearly-Mould V	2"x2" interference
Nearly-Mould R	2"x2" interference
Nearly-Mould I	2"x2" interference

U 		2"x2" glass (G. Schmidt formula)

Plus LOTS of 2"x2" Corning colored glass filters