Restarting after a complete shutdown Once the UPS is running, and everything is plugged in and turned on in the UPS room (except the white breaker and RA+DEC enable switches which could wait until later), go up to the dome: - turn on the red main power button (upper right on the telescope console) - turn on the telescope power (lower right on the telescope console); you should hear the filter wheel repositioning) - turn on the 4kccd power switch and the controller switch In the warm room: Plug in and turn on the computers: - turn on the TCS computer (green switch just inside the black cover on the right side of the telescope console) - turn on the NBS switch (top right of the telescope console) - starting on the left end of the computer bench, plug in the gray power cord for bigaux, turn on the bigaux power strip, and push the button on the front of the computer to start it rebooting - plug in the two black power cords for kuiper and its monitor in the second pair of orange outlets, and push the button to start kuiper rebooting - plug in the black and white twistlock connector for the printer in the "dirty power" outlet - plug in the two gray power cords for the Sun power strip and the bigccd2 power strip in the pair of orange outlets next to the printer cord, and turn on both power strips Logon and get started: - log on to the TCS computer; hit for the password; when you get the windows desktop, double click on "New TCS" in the center of the screen; hit once or twice until the TCS program is running - log on to bigaux by clicking on user "aux" and typing ; double click on the Telcom Server icon toward the upper right; when the Telcom window comes up, type - if it's working, you get the telescope stream The Telcom Server allows bigccd2 to access the telescope information, so that it can go in the image headers. The Telcom Server needs three things in order to work: 1) internet connection - the green cable with phone-type connectors from the back of the bigaux computer to the DHCP connection on the wall behind bigaux 2) TCS must be running 3) TCS connector (gray 9 pin connector connected to a thin gray cable that snakes off towards the TCS behind all the other computers) must be plugged into the back of bigaux just below where the small round purple connection to the keyboard plugs in. - log on to kuiper (see the kuiper login instruction pages), and make sure that the dataserver, galilserver, and filter gui processes are all running properly - press the button on the front of the bigccd2 computer to start it rebooting; AZCamServer should start automatically. Once AZCamServer is going with no complaints, double-click on the AZCamTool icon at the top right; this should do a ccd reset (if the 4kccd power switch and controller are turned on on their boxes on the side of the mont4k); it will then be ready to use. Check the time on bigccd2; this should be the time from the GPS server, but after a cold start, it won't have had time to synchronize. Double click on the digital clock in the lower left corner, and compare the time with the time on the NBS clock. If detectably different, click "OK" to close the time window. Right-click on the tiny yellow rectangle-on-a-stand to the left of the digital clock (you might need to click first on the < to show hidden icons), then click on "properties" at the bottom, and then on "Sync" at the top middle. Click "Close" to get out (NOT "Exit"!), and recheck the synchronization of the digital clock with the NBS, which should be good to better than one second.